ProdigyConnect is our cloud-based anesthesia study software that allows you to access the software via any computer, tablet, or phone.  It contains the brand new MasterClass, all of the simulation exams, complete study library, study plan creator, study recommendations based on your individual performance and the relative importance of each topic for the exam as well as the ability to compare your performance to every other student in the system so you can see how your studies are shaping up.

You do not need to download or install any software with this version.  All access is provided online.  The term of use is for 24 months.

*Note: this subscription is for SRNAs only and cannot provide continuing education credits.  The 2 year option does not qualify for any additional discounts or coupons.

  • Item #: PCPKG001

ProdigyConnect for SRNAs 2 Year Subscription

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